A2000 Network Solutions, Inc.

Engineering, Furnishing, and Installing Optimized Networks


Our Support Information and Useful Sites:

Contact information:

telephone: (954) 480-8430 ext.8000 for all emergencies

e-mail: marc@a2000ns.com for all emergencies

Useful Sites:

IP Subnet Calculator: txweb.tactix.com/subnet.html

"How To" IP Subnetting: articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-1035_11-6089187.html?tag=nl.e101

Bandwidth Speed Testing: www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

DNS Utilities: www.dnsstuff.com/

General IP Information: http://http://www.networksorcery.com/enp/topic/ipsuite.htm

Well Known Ports: http://www.networksorcery.com/enp/protocol/ip/ports00000.htm

RFC Information: http://www.networksorcery.com/enp/default0502.htm

Useful Information:

Open DNS address for any applications:

Partner Support Information:

AirTight Networks support telephone number: (877) 424-7844
BelAir Networks support telephone number: (877) 235-2471

Cisco Systems TAC: (800) 553-2447

Covad VoIP support telephone number: (800) 278-7114

Sprint IP Data Services "Wireline": (800) 877-5045 (private line number will be needed)

Sprint Turn-up Services "Wireline": (866) 886-4187
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