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Comprehensive Protection for Critical Environments

At A2000 Network Solutions, Inc., we're committed to fortifying the safety and security of educational and healthcare facilities with our reliable healthcare security solutions. Our specialized expertise lies in crafting healthcare and school security solutions, ensuring comprehensive protection for critical environments.

Valcom IP 6000

Valcom's software solution ensures efficient emergency readiness, delivering timely information during critical situations. It automates processes, streamlining messaging for swift responses to potential threats, whether man-made or weather-related. By centralizing communication and automating tasks, IP6000 optimizes resource allocation, enabling schools and districts to prioritize safety and stay informed continuously.

Daily Communications

Efficient school operations rely on effective daily communication systems. With the IP6000 software, you can easily manage morning announcements, ensuring smooth and timely school days. This versatile tool allows flexible calendar adjustments, synchronization of bell schedules and clocks, and automated announcements, all manageable at both school and district levels.


Utilize IP6000 to integrate your current messaging systems, creating a unified notification platform. This ensures seamless delivery of critical information to all members of your organization, enhancing communication efficiency.

  • Efficient daily communications
  • School automation for repetitive events
  • Browser-based calendars and bell schedules
  • Time collaboration and time management

Complete Solution

At the core of Valcom's software suite lies the IP6000, a pivotal component that ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your school. This versatile tool allows for seamless integration with other software such as VEMASS, V-Alert, and Desktop Notification. With infinite scalability, it can accommodate multiple locations, diverse notification paths, and various devices, offering a comprehensive solution from beginning to end.

  • Digital Signage
  • Door Intercoms
  • Broadcast to Phones
  • Intercom/Paging System
  • Blue Light Stations
  • Wireless Pendants
  • Access Control
  • Video Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Two-Way Radios
  • Desktop Alerting
  • Smartphone Apps
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Public Safety BDA


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Site Surveys


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